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Project Description
Try PowerShell is an interactive PowerShell tutorial created with PowerShell using WPF and PowerBoots.

An interactive PowerShell interpreter that runs in WPF.

For PowerShell Users

  • Easily try out PowerShell commands immediately, no typing
  • Use the find to search for particular sections and fire off commands
  • Click a PS> button to load an example, then edit it and run it


TryPowerShell Download
Then run .\TryPowerShell.ps1


PowerShell Developers/Authors

October 25, 2009

  • Support added to load PowerShell Snap-ins via the Add-PSSnapin cmdlet. Like:
    • IIS
    • SQL
    • Exchange
    • SharePoint 2010
    • OpsMgr 2007
    • PowerGadgets
    • /n software
  • Provide a written guide for your scripts and let users run them directly from the documentation
  • Great example of PowerShell, PowerBoots and WPF.
    • Using a FlowDocument,
    • Several controls
    • Hyperlinks
    • Executing PowerShell code in a PowerShell app using Invoke-Expression


  • Improve start up time
  • Add markup for bold, italic and lists
  • Implement code colorization
  • Come up with a Table of Contents
  • Add more content

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