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PowerBoots vs WPK

Apr 24, 2010 at 9:28 AM

Booth toolkits are rather similar. And currently you find too few examples for either of them. At some time I started to convert Powerboots examples into WPK examples. (Powerboots examples are better organized than the Modules\WPK\Examples folder, where you have no guide giving a direction, how to work them through).

TryPowerShell.ps1 was just another piece of code to convert. Done this I joined to this project.

Soon afterwards I recognized, that it is possible to run WPK code and XAML examples in the WPK version. At some time I had too many buttons and the user might be confused, as he has to push the right button based on the kind of code. I found a way to make the 'run'-button more smarter, so that now I have again the initial simple interface. I'm still checking the logic, to make it even smarter.

Before realising this, I want to fix some smaller issues, menu short-cuts don't behave right, about menu and status bar missing. I even think about an edit mode, where you can edit tutorials within the app.

And I want to clean up the code, so that it can be used as template for similar simple applications.

On the other side, there is the PowerBoots version. I would like to keep it as similar, as possible to the WPK version. Currently I do not know, if it would be possible to show PowerBoots examples within the PowerBoots version. It would be nice.







Apr 25, 2010 at 9:33 PM

Today I checked, that it would be possible to convert back my extensions to PowerBoots, so that PowerBoots scripts and XAML could be displayed in the PowerBoots version.

But conversion to PowerBoots is not part of my roadmap.

I want to extend the current WPK version with, about dialog; spliter between the left and right panes; a status bar. Perhaps add a designer mode, to edit tutorials within the app.

I want to extend the markup with links to load chapters of the tutorial.

I 'll try to add a new parallel version which uses as much XAML as possible, as I guess that that is the way PowerShell GUI's ought to be constructed. I guess I need some help on that too.

I want this project to provide a tool for comparing WPK vs PowerBoots development.